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Yahztak Burmese has been breeding since 2010 after my introduction to the breed through a certain lovely lilac lady named Yahzi who is the matriarch here at Yahztak.
Yahztak Burmilla’s is our new venture and this started in 2022, with much thanks to Carole Galli (Mesmereyes Burmilla) & Susie Finn (Purrmilla Burmilla).
All Yahztak babies are from DNA and Heart scanned breeding lines.
DNA testing includes but is not limited too Burmese head defect, GM2 Gangliosidosis, Hypokalaemia (HK), Cinnamon lines are also tested for PRA pro retinal atrophy and PK deficiency.
Our Burmilla’s also go through intensive DNA testing before being allowed to breed.
All breeding lines have been echo cardiogrammed by Dr Brad Gavaghan at VSS Springwood Or Dr Geoffrey Nicholson (mobile Cardiologist) for HCM, Tricuspid and Mitral Valve Dysplasia, all breeding lines must test negative to enter into our breeding program.
Yahztak kids come from well-established champion, grand champion, gold double grand champion and above lines.
All Yahztak kids come desexed (Not Negotiable – as we spay and neuter our kids this prolongs them going home, the girls need to weigh 1.5kg and the boys 1.3kg for their surgeries this is under vet advisement, they are then normally ready for home within 2 weeks, they are also Microchipped, vaccinated x 2 , toilet trained, flea/mite treated, vet checked several times, registered with pedigree papers, comprehensive kitten care pack, 5 weeks free pet insurance if requested when under the age of 30 weeks but we recommend you take out pet insurance as vet bills can be very costly. You also receive lifetime support from us.
Burmese cats are known as the dogs of the cat world and can be taught tricks, they are a medium build that is well muscled a brick wrapped in silk is very true of the breed, they are loyal and loving family members that must be kept indoors or in an enclosure to keep them safe.
They will sit on your lap, climb into your bed and follow you around the house just because they want to.
They are sociable and fun loving cats, when they are kittens they seem quite uncoordinated, but their fearless nature is always there.
They do not make great outdoor cats as they seem to be too trusting.
We are the only breeders in Queensland and 1 of 3 breeder’s Australia wide to breed the Cinnamon and Fawn Burmese. Such stunning colours. Please check out our Facebook page Yahztak Burmese & Burmilla’s for available kittens and retiree’s.

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