Available Cats

RETIREES: Sometimes breeders, for various reasons, have available an adult cat that is looking for its forever home. Financial members are able to list them here.

KITTENS: Members are also able to list available kittens here. They will be listed by breed and will be updated weekly. Members MUST advise when a kitten has been sold so it can be removed from the listing. If breeders do not notify us about the availability of their kittens, they will be deleted on a weekly basis. LITTERS will not be included – this is for individual kittens that are available.

RULES: Listings are only available for cats and kittens that have been DESEXED, MICROCHIPPED and VACCINATED. This forum is NOT for selling entire cats or kittens.

DISCLAIMER: Inclusion here does not constitute endorsement by Cats Queensland Inc. It merely confirms that the kittens and cats listed here are from one of our financial breeder members.

There are currently no cats or kittens listed as available.

Cats Qld Inc. will gladly lend a helping hand when our breeder’s are looking to retire and or rehome their cats, when the said breeder is retiring from breeding. However, Cats Qld Inc. will not be liable for any legal or financial costs that may arise or be incurred from the above situation.

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