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There are four registering bodies in Queensland and all hold Championship Shows on a regular basis. Cats Qld Inc and affiliated clubs (listed on the clubs page) host shows once a month, February to October. The show date calendar can be found by selecting the CAT SHOWS / SHOW CALENDAR link on the Cats Qld Inc website . Virtually all cats can compete in shows with Cats Qld Inc, from the lovely companion cat to the highly titled pedigreed exhibit. Let’s look at the way Cats Qld Inc groups cats at our shows.

LONGHAIR: This section includes all PEDIGREED AND REGISTERED cats, kittens and alters (desexed cats and kittens) of the following breeds: Persian, Exotic, Birman, Ragdoll, Turkish Van, Turkish Angora, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat and Siberian.

SHORTHAIR: This section includes all PEDIGREED AND REGISTERED cats, kittens and alters of the following breeds: Abyssinian, Somali, British Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Scottish SH, Australian Mist, Bombay (Australian) and Bombay (American), American SH, Burmese, Burmilla Longhair and Shorthair, Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, Sphynx, LaPerm, Selkirk Rex, Manx, Cymric, Russians, Tonkinese and Bengal.

COMPANIONS: This section includes all non-pedigreed and part pedigreed cats and kittens. Pure bred cats and kittens can also be shown but once they have been shown in the Companion section, they cannot compete in the pedigree section at subsequent shows. Companion cats can be registered on our Companion Register so that they can attain titles with Cats Qld Inc. Application forms can be found on the forms page.



All cats must be entered in the show using the show entry forms found on the Shows page. Please read it carefully as there are certain rules that must be followed. Firstly, exhibits MUST be vaccinated and all kitten entries MUST send a copy of their vaccination certificate with the entry form and payment. There is a date on the front page of all entry forms that tells you when you must get your entry to the Show Manager. Please make sure you get your entry in early. All Queensland shows use show cages that have been purchased by the exhibitor. While you are new to showing, it is probably wise to HIRE a cage which will be set up for you at the show venue on the day. You will need show curtains to place in the cage to “show off” your cat/kitten. In the early stages, talk to the show manager and you will probably be able to borrow a set of curtains for the first show or two. If you decide you want to continue showing your cat, you can purchase show cages and curtains at most shows.


Once you have entered the show, the next step is to prepare for the day. There are several things you will need to do. Begin bathing and grooming your cat because it is very important that they come to the show CLEAN. WELL GROOMED and FREE OF PARASITES. The day before the show, make sure you cut your cat’s claws, FRONT and BACK.


The day has finally arrived. Make sure you get to the show early and go firstly to the person on the door. They should have an envelope with your cat’s name on it and a cage number. Inside will be your receipt etc. This person will be able to tell you where to head to so that you can get your cat ready for judging. Locate the cage (or space, if you own your own cage) and make sure your curtains are in place. They put your cat in the cage, talking quietly to him/her as this is a new experience and you want them to be relaxed. If you have ordered a catalogue ( a booklet that has all of the felines that have been entered in the show listed in their classes) check to make sure all of the details about your cat are correct as mistakes do occur. If you notice a mistake, please let the Show Manager know so it can be corrected before judging.

At around 9am, the Show Manager or other show personnel will open the show. They will introduce Judges and judging will get underway. There are usually chairs in each show BAY for exhibitors to use so they can watch the judging. You are not allowed to interact with the Judge during judging but after the show, you are at liberty, when the judge is free, to discuss your cat/kitten with them.

Most shows are either 3 or 4 ring shows. What does this mean? It means your cat / kitten will be judged 3-4 times that day by different Judges. Therefore you have 3-4 chances of your cat / kitten placing in the show. Some shows may be smaller or larger than this but the number of rings determines how many times you cat / kitten will be judged.


Shows may have a range of great prizes from rosettes [some from USA, some local], food prizes [cat biscuits, kitten milk and more], litter, litter trays, money, gifts, carry cages, cat beds, toys and more. The range is only limited by the Show Manager’s imagination and available funds and sponsors generosity. Shows always have great raffles as well so come along and get involved.

Shows are generally very relaxed and friendly and are a great opportunity to meet other like-minded people. If you are still looking for your kitten, this is also a great way to meet the breeds in person as well as a range of breeders. You can also browse the variety of great stalls that are present at most shows. There will be those that sell show curtains, cat toys, shampoos, litter, scratching poles and more. What about great cat related clothing, jewellery, bags and more. There will be a range of stalls for you to check out as well as snacks, lunch, drinks from our great caterers CAROLYNS.


When ALL judging is concluded, you will be able to pack up your cat and head home. Make sure you collect prizes and challenge certificates etc (if applicable) before you go. If you have some spare time, you might like to help the show committee pack away the show. Any assistance is greatly appreciated by all. WHAT NEXT? Hopefully you will have enjoyed your experience so much you will decide to have another go. We hope you will and we hope we will see YOU at lots of shows to come.

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