MISHCATS Cattery - Michelle Wragg

Mishcats are boutique breeders of the beautiful British Shorthair, currently offering blue, black & smoke kittens.

We are located Ipswich Queensland, Australia, just a short drive from Brisbane and generally service the Queensland and northern NSW area.

Being smaller breeders allows us to give each kitten the individual love, attention, care, stimulation and enrichment that it deserves. Our kittens are socialised, not just with their litter mates, mother, adults and child, but also with other cats and dogs. All of this ensure we can provide kittens with the best personalities possible.

We follow a strict code of industry & personal cat breeding ethics. To learn more about us please visit our About Us https://www.mishcats.com.au/about-us/ page and fill out our Kitten Registration of Interest form https://www.mishcats.com.au/kitten-registration-of-interest/ to keep in the know of our latest litters and kitten related products.

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