Keith Harding ~ Groups 1 [S]

P.O Box 2051
Brookside, Qld 4053

Prefix: Ozki

Breeds: Persian, Exotic and American Shorthair.

I started breeding Colourpoints about 20 years ago under the OZKI Prefix with Linda. We then moved on to Persians and Exotic tabbies, bi–colours, chocolates and vans with success. I was invited to become a Group 1 judge which I completed in 2010. I have enjoyed judging at the CCCA National in Queensland and shows throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and New Zealand. We imported the American Shorthair breed into Australia in mid 2012 and have been breeding and showing our black silver classic tabbies with great success. I am currently undergoing a Shorthair Course. I have thoroughly enjoyed handling many beautiful exhibits and I have had the pleasure of meeting many exhibitors across the country.

contact details

0400 775 120
P.O Box 2051 Brookside, Qld 4053

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