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ABOUT our Association

devon Cats Queensland is a family-oriented council with friendly shows and pleasant social occasions that all exhibitors are welcome to attend. We have consistently offered a wide variety of judges to our exhibitors, including judges from Brazil, the Czech Republic, the USA, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan and all Australian States. We will continue to feature overseas and interstate judges at our future shows. Cats Queensland accepts challenges from all recognised councils for higher status. Any information about gaining titles for your cats can be obtained by contacting our Registrar. In 2018, we will once again hold our shows at South's Sports Club which has proven to be a very popular venue for our exhibitors - we hope you are enjoying this venue.

Cats Queensland holds a general meeting in March (AGM) each year and we encourage all members to attend so that they stay up to date and involved in council matters. The CQ management committee comprises up to 11 members. These members meet monthly and manage the day-to-day operations of the council. Members are invited to suggest topics for discussion at any monthly meeting of CQI. Please send your topics to the Secretary at least 7 days prior to each meeting. Meetings are generally held on the first weekend of each month.

Members of Cats Queensland have access to computerized registration and pedigree services. Cats Queensland is affiliated with the CCC of A [Coordinating Cat Council of Australia]. Members of the Management Committee attend 2 meetings per year and work with other affiliates Australia wide to promote the cat fancy, develop or revise breed standards and so much more.

News Updates

2018 CCCA National Show Schedule
  • The 2018 National Show Schedule has now been posted under shows.
Cat of the Year 2017 Presentation
  • Presentation and results for the 2017 Cat of the Year.
End of Year Raffle Draw
  • Cat of the Year Raffle Draw Results - drawn Saturday December 2nd 2017

Next Show

  • CATS QUEENSLAND INC is hosting the CCCA FUNDRAISER SHOW on May 27th at the Souths Sports Club venue. This will be our last show BEFORE the National Show which is o n July 21st and 22nd, 2018 at Logan Metro Indoor Sports and Events Centre. Hope to see everyone there at the MAY show and of course at the National where we will have 7 International Judges and 4 Interstate Judges officiating.

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Persian Group 1 Longhair
British Group 3 Shorthair
Burmese Group 3 Shorthair
Abyssinian Group 3 Shorthair
Norwegian Forest Cat Group 1 Longhair
Siberian Group 1 Longhair
Maine Coon Group 1 Longhair
Birman Group 1 Longhair
Siamese Group 2 Shorthair
Selkirk Rex Group 3 Shorthair
Tonkinese Group 3 Shorthair
Bengal Group 3 Shorthair